About Us

Setting the Table

One thing we have in this province is certainly lots of land and we need

to make better use of it so we can start to reduce our dependence."

 ~ NB Premier Blaine Higgs, April, 2020

Incorporated in October of 2019, The Round Table is a private solidarity (multi-stakeholder) co-operative offering project management and consulting services for the emerging social purpose economy in both official languages.

The corporate purpose of The Round Table Co-op is to provide a vehicle of social enterprise for its founding members to develop and manage our own community economic development (CED) projects of choice as well as provide consulting services for the emerging social purpose economy in local food sovereignty. We are committed to  highlighting social entrepreneurship and the co-operative entrepeurship model as the future of authentic community-building.

Our Mission

We create socio-economic relationships, environments, and opportunities which empower individuals to reach their full communal potential.

Our Work To Date

Veteran actors on the regional food security stage and associated provincial efforts, the core team is informed by and connected to the food security and system conversations in NB, specifically Food for All provincial food securrity network, Be Alive Regional Wellness Network, and affiliated committees and projects.


  • Incorporation, awarded an incubator office at StartUp Miramichi.


  • Community garden support and stewardship of the Roots to Table Community Food Forest as well as three other community gardens;
  • Partnered with King Street Elementary School Garden
  • Increased the local certified NB Food Handlers numbers by 5 of our own;
  • Successful recipients of a $40 000 start-up grant courtesy of the federal Investment Readiness Program (IRP) to prepare for social enterprise.


  • official Cornerstone Project of the Dillon Consulting Ltd. Million Meals Campaign, which enabled the successful completion of the first Northumberland Region community food assessment. (CFA).
  • Stewardship of eight local community gardens and partnership with Chatham Daycare and Rising Youth to grow a children`s garden project
  • successful launch of The Round Table Farmers Marketplace, the region`s own unique virtual farmers marketplace.

Our Founding Members

Terri Cormier, B.PR - President

Stephanie Caissie, B.Sc (Nutrition) - Treasurer

Cheryl Cormier, B.A (Psychology, Gerontology) - Secretary

The founding members hold a unique combination of education and experience in health, wellness and community-building, in all sectors.

Individually, our professional background and expertise is rooted in people, food and business and as community developers, we are at home working with and for committees, boards, non-profits and co-operatives, building the critical relationships to get the critical work done.

We work to implement ideas and pilot initiatives toward a food-sovereign future for our province’s people during and post-virus realities.  Our passion and desire to live a truly human-centric life while doing so ensures our success.  We call it Creative Community Renewal.

Our Foundation

The Round Table founding members acknowledge our foundation on the unceded territories of the Mi’kmaq peoples, in stewardship of the earth resources as well as community assets handled by us, its stewards.  They must therefore be managed with the utmost respect and consideration for all, in all endeavours, and so it is.